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Bella at the spinetBella at the spinet

Beauty & the Beast:
a modern retelling

sample chapter

"Once upon a time, at the end of Winding Way, stood a cottage, and in that cottage lived ... " The cottage is owned by a Mr. Bruto. Chris's parents rent it on condition that they keep out of  his derelict estate next door. The parents go on a trip, Bella house-sits, and all's well until Chris climbs over the estate wall, finds a rose, and plucks it  . . .  While losing none of its romance and mystery, this version of an old fairy tale shows the power of pure, true love to heal deep wounds and an acceptance of people as they are. A full page pen and ink drawing by illustrator Claire Roberts heads each chapter, two of which are shown here.


griffins at Bella's windowgriffins at Bella's window
pegasusPegasus - the Monday ride

Jason's Wonderful Week of Fabulous
Dream Rides
(a week of wonders on horses of fable)

sample chapter

Midsummer: Inner City, USA.

"Monday morning, Jason's room was an oven. He looked out through
his eighth-floor window at a city made of hot, dry cement:
concrete pillars holding up a concrete sky...."

Jason, the only child of a single, working mother, is hot, lonely, and bored. He comes upon a mysterious gift card offering a ride on one of various horses or a mystery ride. Jason picks the latter and wins the most exciting - and shattering - week of his life!

Trojan horse the Trojan horse - Wednesday ride

rufus in cartonRufus arrives in box



What is a Rufus? Rufuses are probably profound, since they never offer an opinion on anything. In fact, they maintain a wise silence at all times. At night, while their owners sleep, they take to dancing on the moon.

'God grant me the serenity to accept things I can't change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.'

Little Jo loves Rufus. They go everywhere together - and that's the trouble. When Rufus finally wears out, Little Jo has a tough choice to make. But make it she does, and without well-meant adult assistance.

rufus at Lincoln CenterRufus visits Lincoln Center
letter CClara Chopstock

Briony's ABC of Abominable Children

There was a boy, Kenneth Kerkully,
Who was the worst neighborhood bully,
Till he went off to camp,
Where a real boxing champ
Rearranged Ken’s bad attitude—fully

This whacky collection of cautionary verses - sonnets, ballads, limericks, odes - rollicks through the alphabet from A through Z with brilliant illustrations by Claire Roberts who also illustrated Beauty & the Beast. And don't worry, letters take the heat, not the kids!

letter KKenneth Kerkully

animated wreathanimated wreath

Emily and the Twelve Days of Christmas

not forgetting Nifty the cat!

Christmas: Emily's Gran brings a box of carved wooden ornaments too big for the tree and a wreath too big for the front door. But Emily has just learned to tell the time and so knows just what to do! So does Nifty the cat and after the family goes to bed he gets into the sitting room and the fun starts!

The 12 figures build the wreath for Emily in the right order just in time. When Gran comes in to see what all the noise was, everything is back to rights. Just as they go back to bed, though, the drummer-drumming winks good-bye.

drummer drumming wink

drummer drumming

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