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meg& Sue in costumeMeg & Sue on way to Halloween Party: frontispiece

On All Hallows' Eve

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In the magic wood which appears each Halloween, Queen Greylen of the Birchen trees and her followers are confined to a small clearing while the dark queen Samana seeks out a sacrificial victim from our world to add to her flock. In our world, Meg & Sue go to the Halloween festival at their new school in Locust Valley on Long Island. Meg bumps into her nemesis, Kenny Stover. When he goads her, she fights back. Soon Meg and Sue are going for their lives into the ruined cottage on Horse Hollow Road - and through the back door smack into the Halloween Wood!

route to woodmap showing route from school to Halloween wood
gavin at entrance to the dark world

Out of the Dark World
(sequel of On All Hallows' Eve)

sample chapter

Meg (in eighth grade) and her sister, Sue (in seventh) embark on an adventure on two planes: that of the waking world, and that of some deep dream level that is linked to it in a mysterious and frightening way. Christmas Eve, Meg is having nightmares about a menacing dark hole. As she nears it, a hand reaches through it and a boy's cry comes for help. She tries to stay awake and avoid the dream until her conscience kicks in and she has to go help him, while Sue provides her with some unexpected tools.  On the waking level, the boy - Gavin - is dying in a New York hospital. In the Dark World, he is caught in a deadly trap.  As Meg races to save him she's caught in it too and only her wit and ingenuity can get them out.

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front page designa silver egg-spaceship and crystal shards


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Frankie: troubled teen from Valley Stream, NY. HAHN: (Humanoid Android for Hyperspace Navigation), intergalactic Greenpeace scout come to slap a quarantine sticker on Earth to protect it from unscrupulous space developers. He Who Trails In Fire Across The Starry Heavens: (Sky-Fire-Trail):  born on Manhattan about a thousand years ago. Hahn is ending his survey when, to avoid crashing on Lower Manhattan, he zips back to a time when there were no people. Ground-zero: swamp near ancient Indian village. In the aftermath, these three collide repeatedly in time and space, each with an agenda - and there's the trouble.


back cover insetHahn, Frankie, & Sky-Fire-Trail
podlithpodlith: pod-seed; lith-stone

Child of the Air

sample chapter

The mesa is circled by mist. There's no way off it. In winter it ices up; in summer the very air catches fire and folk go underground until the storms have passed. Because of the firestorms, plants grow for but one season. The nearest thing to a tree is a podlith, comprising tubes formed from exuded vine sap that when exposed to the air hardens into stone.  No one lives up in that stone forest - podlithra - except Gven the broom-maker and his two grandchildren, Mylanfyndra and Brevalan. One spring, calamity strikes and the children soon find that the mesa is no friendly place. In addition, they develop a power that earns them a death sentence. Freed at the last minute, they flee the mesa on fiery winds, into worse dangers still!

treasuretreasures found under a podlith: back cover inset

SilwenderSilwender, healer, trailing chimes

The Chimes of Alyafaleyn
alya - region; faleyn - harmonies

sample chapter

Alyafaleyn exists through sound in the form of heynim, golden spheres that appear each spring, drifting on the winds. At puberty people can 'snag' the heynim via thought, amassing a cluster to hover about their heads. Some gather many, tune them to harmonies -faleyn-to regulate the seasons, the crops, and cure disease. In a remote village Caidren is born under remarkable circumstances. At two she draws heynim to her at lethal speed and Tamborel is hurt shielding her from them. As a result, she is kept from heynim and grows up in rage. Finally, she scatters a girl's cluster and flees. Tamborel goes to find her and there follows the rest of a powerful and exciting tale.

Tamborel & CaidrunTamborel & Caidrun
Abigail & EmmaAbigail & Emma

Friends in Time

sample chapter

Emma's family is moving - again. Lonely, and angry, (she's just quarreled with her best friend) she visits an old mansion awaiting a shift to an historic village site. There, she wishes for a new friend. As if in answer to her wish a girl appears. Abigail Porterhouse-Bentley who thinks she's still in 1846 and believes Emma's the witch who brought her to the present day. As lonely and contriving as Emma, she's Emma's match. Emma wants to keep her there, Abigail wants to go home. . . .

At first, Emma calls the shots, then in a surprise move, time reverses and it's Emma's turn to be in a strange place and time - and Abigail exacts her revenge!

katchina: ancient fetish katchina doll: back cover inset
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